Caroline Hayeur produce her first public art project as part of the Quebec government policy of integrating art into the architecture and environment of government and public buildings and sites. The permanent installation FIRST COHORT is integrated to the expansion of the Centre de formation professionnelle des Patriotes, in Sainte-Julie.

The work presents the first enrolled students in the new programs of Welder-Fitter and Stationary Engineer. Each student is photographed the same way : on standing position, front view, back view and side view. At first glance, an undeniable uniformity defines the composition of the portraits. Beyond the work uniforms, the faces are different, and the backgrounds (workshops, machinery, pipes, colors and diversified forms) differ and enrich the visual context.

FIRST COHORT, Centre de formation professionnelle des Patriotes, Sainte-Julie
© Caroline Hayeur


The notion of meeting is at the very heart of the project : the new students send a message to those from other departments, but also to the future enrolled. Side by side, the individuals contribute to the group and gather around values of fraternity and sharing, and the idea of surpassing oneself. The work honours anonymous people shown this time as heroes.

During the photoshoot with Emmanuel Galland as director et Victor Hayeur as assistant
© Caroline Hayeur

The modular composition, in mosaic shape, creates a move about impression. The photographic pieces look like signposts. With its metal design and its powerful look, the attachment system reminds of the materials used in these new study programs.

The installation highlights the preexisting architectural elements : lines, columns, and patterns on the floor, the ceiling, the walls and the windows. The work seems to be naturally intended to fit in this grid.

The photographs fit in the architectural pattern of the space © Caroline Hayeur


*Cohort, noun. (Merriam-Webster)

One of 10 divisions of an ancient Roman legion
A group of warriors or soldiers
A band, group
A group of individuals having a statistical factor (as age or class membership) in common in a demographic study <a cohort of premedical students>


The assembly with Christian Miron, Jean Lachance and Victor Hayeur © Caroline Hayeur



Description technique:
– pièces photographiques (incluant le système d’attaches)

72 pièces frontales, impressions Dibond fini aluminium brossé, bois, aluminium anodisé, 50 x 32 cm (20 x 12,5 po)
30 pièces-oriflammes, impressions recto verso, Dibond fini aluminium brossé, bois, aluminium anodisé, 50 x 37 cm (20 x 14,5 po)
13 pièces verrière, impressions Lexan clair, bois, aluminium anodisé, 67 x 30 cm (26,5 x 12 po)

– Surface

Mur verrière:
mosaïque ajourée étudiants-de-dos, 180 x 305 cm (70 x 120 po)  
Mur revêtement de métal:
Mosaïque étudiants-de-profil, 115 x 600 cm (45 x 235 po)
Mosaïque étudiants-de-face, 180 x 230 cm (70 x 90 po)
Oriflammes étudiants-face-et-dos, 50 x 600 cm (20 x 235 po)
Mur Gypse:
Mosaïque étudiants-profil-face-dos, 115 x 622 cm (45 x 245 po)
Oriflammes étudiants-face-dos, 50 x 622 cm (20 x 245 po)

2016 – Installation permanente, Centre de formation professionnelle des Patriotes, Sainte-Julie.


FIRST COHORT, Centre de formation professionnelle des Patriotes, Sainte-Julie © Caroline Hayeur