2018 (ongoing)

Caroline Hayeur’s second collaboration with the neighbourhood round table Vivre Saint-Michel en santé, features a series of photos from a new cultural mediation project presented in three different parks in the area. Accessible to all, the images were produced with the help of around thirty members from various community organizations.

ZOOM SUR SAINT-MICHEL, Sainte-Yvette Park, Saint-Michel district, Montréal © Caroline Hayeur

Caroline Hayeur led a series of photo-workshops with members of the Joujouthèque Saint-Michel (toy lending library), the Maison d’Haïti, and the René-Goupil Education and Community Centre (CECRG). Each participant took photos based on two main themes: first, the notion of play as a space of well-being through the representation of a toy, a souvenir object, or a moment of happiness (Joujouthèque Saint-Michel), and second, a representation of “home” that encouraged reflection on an imaginary house and interior space where they feel comfortable (Maison d’Haïti and CECRG).

ZOOM SUR SAINT-MICHEL, Champdoré Park, Saint-Michel district, Montréal © Caroline Hayeur

The fusion of images reveals a mise en abyme and combines the cultural mediation project in its entirety by presenting both personal photograph taken by each participant and its representation as captured by Hayeur, then exhibited in its real environment.

ZOOM SUR SAINT-MICHEL, Ovila-Légaré Park, Saint-Michel district, Montréal © Caroline Hayeur

Photographs taken by the Joujouthèque Saint-Michel participants are exhibited in Champdoré Park, while those taken by La Maison d’Haïti participants are installed at Sainte-Yvette Park. Photos produced in collaboration with youth from the CECRG are exhibited in Ovila-Légaré Park. 

Technical description:
36 digital images mounted recto verso, metal frames, concrete bases, 114 x 120 cm (46 x 48 in) each

Exhibition history:
Since 2018 – Outdoor exhibition, Saint-Michel district, Montréal
Champdoré Park: 2400 Champdoré
Sainte-Yvette Park: 8950 10e Avenue
Ovila-Légaré Park: 9275 Pie-IX

Vivre Saint-Michel en Santé, Parks and Public Art Planning project, monitoring committee for the Traces and Transmission project, Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension borough

Vivre Saint-Michel en santé
Centre éducatif et communautaire René-Goupil (CECRG)
La Joujouthèque Saint-Michel
La Maison d’Haïti