24 poses féministes
A photo-editorial with six young feminist artists
Virginie Brunelle, Donzelle, Myriam Jacob-Allard, Queen KA, Véronique Pascal and Coco Riot


Launched in 2011, this multimedia project gives voice to six Montréal artists. Produced in collaboration with LE DEVOIR and the National Film Board of Canada’s (NFB/interactive) digital platform, 24 poses féministes attempts to describe what feminism means in 2012.

Twenty-four words in 24 photographs. This is the concept Caroline Hayeur imagined to draw a portrait of feminism. Armed with a digital camera, six artists from various disciplines were given carte blanche to produce, through images, their personal definition of feminism.

Author Marianne Prairie and sound artist Chantal Dumas also collaborated with Caroline Hayeur on this interactive project. Together, they created a multimedia manifesto by documenting the creative process and feminist convictions of these emerging artists.

24 poses féministes
A photo-editorial with six young feminist artists

Technical description:
Participating artists: Virginie Brunelle (choreographer), Donzelle (rapper), Myriam Jacob-Allard (interdisciplinary artist), Queen KA (poet), Véronique Pascal (theatre and music) et Coco Riot (illustrator)
Scriptwriting, photo portraits, production: Caroline Hayeur
Research, writing, and production assistance: Marianne Prairie
Composition, recording, and sound design: Chantal Dumas
Graphic design: Noémie Darveau
Programming and Flash animation: Céline Mornet

Interactive website produced by NFB/interactive – National Film Board of Canada

24 poses féministes – ONF/interactif
LE DEVOIR, dossier 24 poses féministes
Virginie Brunelle
Myriam Jacob-Allard
Queen KA
Véronique Pascal
Coco Riot