La danse dans tous ses états [Dance in all its forms]
2019 (ongoing)

This public outdoor installation brings together images from different photographic bodies of work related to the theme of dance. Commissioned by the Ville-Marie borough (Montréal) and curated by Guy Lafontaine, it forms part of the moulins à images located on rue Parthenais. 

La danse dans tous ses états (moulin no.1: Les danses et rituels), Parthenais street, Montreal © Guy Lafontaine

Three structures, specifically adapted for large rotating cylinders, present six photographs each from the series ABRAZO (2016), Folk sale (2013), Amalgat (2007), Tanz Party (2002) and Rituel festif (1997). Inspired by Tibetan prayer wheels, the installation allows passers-by scroll through the images.

La danse dans tous ses états (moulin no.3: La danse comme phénomène de masse + moulin no.1: Les danses et rituels), 
Parthenais street, Montreal © Guy Lafontaine

La danse dans tous ses états [Dance in all its forms]
Moulin no.1: Dances and rituals
Moulin no.2: Argentine tango
Moulin no.3: Dance as a mass phenomenon

Technical description:
18 digital prints mounted on cylinders, 3 metal structures with 6 rotating cylinders each.

Exhibition history:
2019 (ongoing) – Outdoor exhibition, rue Parthenais (corner rue Ontario), Montréal

Arrondissement de Ville-Marie, Montréal