This work brings together a broad range of snapshots captured during a variety of events in the artist’s life, including time on tour, personal travel and nightlife in various cities (Montreal, Berlin, Prague, Strasbourg, Barcelona, Port au Prince, New York).  Photos include those taken with her close friends or in chance encounters with strangers.  Shot in friends’ apartments, hotel rooms, nightclubs and bars, the images reveal sensitivity to the impalpable moments of intimacy.

Open Houses, Hôtel-Motel and Amitié renouvelée (from left to right), excerpt MES NUITS BLANCHES
Centre d'art et de diffusion CLARK, Montréal, 2003 © Caroline Hayeur

In the liminal zone between public and private spaces, these images explore the spontaneity of the “here and now”, offering unfiltered views of human relationship (friend/stranger), daily living (inside/outside), parties and celebration (before/during/after). Joy is the predominant emotion and ecstatic expressions are shown, while still being aware of introspective and contemplative moments.

Displayed as three huge contact-sheets, this collection includes over five years of photographic shooting. The three pieces cover the gallery walls from floor to ceiling.  With all images being the same size and without any hierarchical preference, each image is given the same value.

Amitié renouvelée, excerpt MES NUITS BLANCHESCentre d'art et de diffusion CLARK,
Montréal, 2003 © Caroline Hayeur

The photographic exhibition is accompanied by many small photo albums, offering a different perspective and the experience of “turning pages” to contrast with the view on the gallery walls. A music video is also part of the exhibit, presented on a small TV screen in a minimal “living room” setting.  At the exhibition opening this was presented as a live performance, with musician Myléna Bergeron.

Photos albums and video monobands displayed on moniter, Centre d'art et de diffusion CLARK, 
Montréal, 2003 © Caroline Hayeur


Technical description: 
Three colour laminated contact sheets of 36 images, 10 x 12 ft (3 x 3.6 m) each, laminated colour prints glued to the walls; 15 photo albums with colour photographs and handwritten text; video presented on a TV monitor, 40 minutes.

three murals –Amitié renouvelée (renewed friendship); Hotel-Motel; Open Houses, photo albums and a video projection.

Exhibition history:
2007-2009 – Solo retrospective exhibit DANZAS Y RITUALES EN QUÉBEC, FOTOGRAFIAS DE CAROLINE HAYEUR 1997-2007, tour in réseau des Alliances Françaises du Mexique (extraits de MES NUITS BLANCHES, AMALGAT et RITUEL FESTIF) ; coproduction avec la Délégation générale du Québec à Mexico
2003 – Centre d'art et de diffusion CLARK.
Video/music performance held on the night of the opening, with the musician Myléna Bergeron

Alliance Française, Mexico city, 2009 © D.R.

Clark Gallery's 2003-2004 Program
Alliance Française of Mexico

Programmation 2003-2004 Centre d'art et de diffusion CLARK