Viens dans mon quartier [Come to my hood]
2017 – 2021

Caroline Hayeur is invited by the neighbourhood round table Vivre Saint-Michel en santé, to collaborate with members of the Saint-Michel Youth Forum (Montréal) on a series of 4 portraits, on view in François-Perreault Park. Combining public art with cultural mediation, the project gives voice to 10 neighbourhood youths.

Viens dans mon quartier, François-Perrault Park, Saint-Michel district, Montréal  © Caroline Hayeur

Acting as models, guides, or sometimes writers, young residents try to break stereotypes about their neighbourhood. To defend their identity and the area they live in, they transform themselves into night owls and willingly take on the task.

Participants: Adam Maazami, Belmabrouk Nour, Bouchra Belhadj, Glory Jacques, Lotfi Ghris, Nathalie Nguyen, Rhita Harim, Saïghi Chanez Lyne, Walter Guillaume, Zakarya Youness Abidou.

Viens dans mon quartier, François-Perrault Park, Saint-Michel district, Montréal © Caroline Hayeur et Emmanuel Galland

Viens dans mon quartier [Come to my hood]

Technical description:
4 digital prints mounted recto verso, metal frames, concrete bases, 114 x 120 cm (46 x 48 po) each

Exhibition history:
2017 – 2021 – Outdoor exhibition, François-Perrault Park, Saint-Michel borough: 7525 François-Perrault, Montréal

Vivre Saint-Michel en santé, coordinator: Marie Lalonde
Forum Jeunesse de Saint-Michel teams: Mohamed Mimoun, Monica Meza Giron, Christine Hoang et Soleil Jaan

Exhibit is presented by Projet Aménagement - Parcs et Art Public (part 3). Two photographers are also part of the same project, Kevin Calixte and Catherine Tremblay.

Vivre Saint-Michel en santé
Forum Jeunesse de Saint-Michel